After Andy is cut from the badminton team, Shelley serves him a reminder that playing badminton isn't the only talent he has.

After Andy is cut off on his way to class by a persistent bully, Shelley gives him a short cut on taking the long way to class and not the long way in life.
In this finale of season one, Andy has planned a surprise movie screening for Shelley's return from summer vacation. Little does he know, Shelley has a surprise of her own.
After Andy totals his mountain bike, Shelley gives him a crash course on how to live with Todd, his mom's new boyfriend.
After Andy gets his pants pulled down by some bullies at school, Shelley helps him find a way to keep his pants and chin up.
After Andy finds out Shelley is leaving for summer vacation, he goes over to say goodbye but leaves with her garage and his feelings in disarray.